Division / Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Molecular Genetics
Great Departments / Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine
Professor Yuichi Oike
oike(at mark)
Associate Professor Kazutoyo Terada
terada(at mark)
Assistant Professor Tuyoshi Kadomatu
Research theme

Our main research purpose is the identification of molecular mechanism underlying homeostasis against the various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, ischemic heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer. In order to elucidate the mechanism, we are especially focusing on the following projects.

  1. 1.The molecular-based research in emerge and development of lifestyle-related diseases.
  2. 2.The study of molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis, the invasion and the metastasis.
  3. 3.The elucidation of the molecular mechanism of lipid, glucose and energy metabolism in vivo.
  4. 4.The elucidation of regulatory mechanisms of the energy metabolism mediated by RNA non-coding.