Division / Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Department of Tumor Genetics and Biology
Great Departments / Cancer Medicine
Associate Professor ARAKI Norie
nori(at mark)
Research theme

In our laboratory, many students are able to get an education in the forefront of tumor biology based on molecular cellular biology. We are studying specific cancer cellular mechanisms, such as cell cycle, differentiation, and apoptosis, with unique integrated strategies of system biology combined with genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Specifically, the systematic proteomics uniquely established in our laboratory is now widely recognized as world-class. Using these advanced strategies, we are currently focusing on the study of molecular mechanisms of stem cell-like cancer cells and related cellular signal networks to find specific medical targets. Each of our staff is advancing cancer research with a different approach based on his/her specialty, such as cellular biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein chemistry, surgery,medical oncology neurosurgery, and pharmacology. The fundamental objective of our research is to understand the mechanisms of the development and progression of cancer and to make a contribution to clinical medicine.

An assembled proteomic strategy for cancer research. MRI image of Glioma and Glioma Stem Cells are shown as examples to be analyzed with this system. All the differential data are combined together, and the specific molecules are extracted to find out their functions to focus on. All of these data are stored in Kumamoto University Proteomics Database, as a reference for important basic information to be utilized as clinically applicable tools.