Division / Integrated Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Molecular Pathology
Great Departments / Basic and Clinical Medicine
Associate Professor Takahisa Imamura
taka(at mark)
Assistant Professor Kanako Niimori
kitakana(at mark)
Research theme

Proteases and receptors have been investigated in the pathophysiology of inflammation, infection and cancer. Virulence activities of proteases from leukocytes and bacteria have been elucidated to study allergic inflammation, periodontal disease and septic shock, which opens up therapeutic availability of protease inhibitors for the diseases. Cancer cells auto-activate through the release of C5a from C5 by a protease on the cell membrane and enhance invasiveness. Cancer cells from various organs express anaphylatoxin C5a-receptor (C5aR) and low survival ratios of patients with C5aR-expressing stomach or breast cancer cells suggest the C5a-C5aR system as a promising target for cancer therapy. We found a protease of castration resistant-prostate cancer, which is hard to treat, and plan to use it as a new therapeutic target.