Division / Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Department of Pediatric Surgery and Transplantation
Great Departments / Developmental and Reconstructive Medical Sciences
Professor HIBI Taizo
Associate Professor SUGAWARA Yasuhiko
Assistant Professor HONDA Masaki
Research theme

The research we intend to conduct has a translational potential in the field of pediatric surgery and organ transplantation. Biliary atresia is one of our targets to disclose the mechanism and progression, in cooperation with basic research groups. In organ transplantation research field, to investigate the mechanism of ischemia reperfusion injury of liver and small intestine, we successfully use two-photon laser scanning microscopy for intravital imaging of real-time neutrophil recruitment. Also, the studies of generating FAP-specific iPS cells, cancer immunotherapy by utilizing macrophages from human iPS cells and elucidating dynamics of regulatory T lymphocytes which modulate immunological response are now ongoing. These are originated from the clinical problems to be overcome.

The picture of the lateral segment liver graft on the back table, which will be implanted in the recipient