Division / Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Department of Molecular Medicine
Great Departments / Molecular and Genomic Pharmacy
Professor KAI Hirofumi
hirokai(at mark)
Associate Professor SHUTO Tsuyoshi
tshuto(at mark)
Assistant Professor SUICO MARY ANN SOTEN
mann(at mark)
Research theme

We are currently investigating the molecular mechanisms of diseases such as cystic fibrosis, amyloidosis and cancer. Our main goal is to elucidate the factors involved in these diseases which could ultimately provide useful information to develop therapy. Specifically, we study

  1. 1.the trafficking of CFTR and the role of the ER chaperones in the processing of CFTR,
  2. 2.the roles of Toll-like receptors in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis,
  3. 3.MEF, a member of the ETS transcription factor family, which is located in the chromosome Xq26.1, may be a candidate tumor suppressor gene in the X chromosome,
  4. 4.hyperthermia sensitizers,
  5. 5.the effects of metal ions on the stability of TTR, a protein whose variant causes familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy.